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'The Quiet Revolution'

If You're Not Too Sure What  'The Quiet Revolution'  Is?

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is taking place right under your nose

Hiding in plain sight.

It may well be happening in your neighbours house, or the house over the street.

It may be happening in your Doctors surgery, your Bank Managers Office,
Your Plumbers home office, or your best friend's front room.

It may well be happening at your local 'WI' meetings, your gym or your 'local' pub.

In Fact - Anywhere that you'll find any of your friends, relatives or associates
is a place where you might well find  '
The Quiet Revolution'  taking place.

The Warning signs are:  

A new air of confidence not previously apparent.

A new car or cars on the drive.

A renewed zest for life because 'Life' has got a whole lot better for them.

Signs that they might not have the same 'money' worries that they used to have.

If you have witnessed 'any' of these Warning Signs - Take Heed!
For these people have very likely become the latest 'Revolutionaries'

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