Why The FRED67 Business to Business Referral Club.

Firstly: This is a static Blog Post.


I’d like to explain how and why this Business to Business Referral Club came about.

All of my working life I have worked as a plasterer/plastering contractor. One of the most common questions I would get asked was did I know of other trades and services I could ‘trust’ and recommend, as finding reliable tradespeople or service providers was very much a guessing game for most people. I used to carry around printed sheets with the names and telephone numbers of my most trusted contacts around in my van and would give them to my customers either when they asked, or when they paid me at the end of the job.

When I first got a website for the business back in 2,000 I put a trusted contacts page on there with the same names and numbers so that visitors could click through to the page to get those trusted referrals.

(There was no charge made, it was a free service that I was glad to give to present and potential customers).

Several years ago I had to give up manual work through health reasons and I found myself spending a lot of time learning the in’s and out’s of internet marketing and how it can seriously benefit ‘Local Businesses’ especially. That’s when It occurred to me that Business Referral Clubs have been around for years. That business people do, and will pay a membership fee to enjoy the definite benefits of membership.

I also noted that most B2B referral clubs were closed shops to ‘members only’, and that if they were opened up to the public to search the contact details with a great deal of confidence – it would be a Win-Win situation for both the business members, and the public, who are often left wondering just where to turn to get the best services out there.

As you’ll see when you read on, this is an exclusive membership, I won’t be accepting every Tom-Dick & Harriet into the fold.

(Check the Terms & Conditions).

It is hoped that most of the subscriptions will come from personal recommendations from existing members who have a vested interest in keeping the membership as clean and trustworthy as possible. But if you are reading this and you operate a quality-driven business yourself, dedicated to giving the best possible service to your customers, then you’re more than welcome to apply.

Why FRED67.com ?? ….. Well, ….. It’s a very easy name for the public to remember.




Chinese Whispers Promoting Your Local Business

We’ve nearly all heard about the power of Chinese whispers and although they’re usually “quoted” as being the cause for ultimate exaggeration about any given situation as people pass the original messages between themselves,  they have to be ‘seriously’ considered as the very best way to promote ‘any’ local business.

There is nothing more powerful than ‘Personal Recommendation’ and that applies more than anywhere else in the referral of local ‘trusted trades’ and services where the fear of being swindled, cheated and just downright robbed by Cowboy Operators that we find in literally every trade or profession that we – ‘Joe Public’ – may find ourselves needing from time to time.

This is why www.FRED67.com – AKA – www.qualityhomeproductsandservices.com was launched in the Thames Valley area of the UK. We don’t accept ‘Chancers’ into our listings – Period!
Every new member has to be introduced by either an existing member who personally vouches for their recommendation, or by existing customers of our members who feel it’s important to recommend other ‘trusted’ trades and services to members of their community.

If this line of honest ‘Chinese Whispers’ gathers pace there will soon be nowhere for the Cowboys/Chancers to hide, and the Thames Valley and surrounding regions will find a genuine community of like-minded folk who needn’t ‘fear’ the need to pick up the phone and call any business recommended by FRED67.com.

If You know of a ‘Trusted’ trade or service why not see if they can get accepted by sending them to this page – http://fred67.com/welcome And help the Chinese Whispers gather even more momentum.

Thank You – Peter Moring.



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Introducing ‘Readi-Bay’ – Free Service To All Members

At the FRED67 Business Referral Club I like to be able to offer ‘More’ great services to members at no extra cost – great idea – Yes?

If you do read the FRED67 Newsletter Updates, or you’ve visted FRED67.com lately, you’ll already be aware of the recent launch of ‘Readi-Bay‘ and it’s sister site ‘Readi-Bay Auto-Mart’. These are well defined eye-catching websites that adjust amazingly well to mobile phone displays as well as tablets etc. This is important as many more people now do their online searching via their smart-phones and tablets. Please check out Readi-Bay here – http://readi-bay.co.uk to see what I mean.

The benefit to FRED67 Business Referral Club Members is that you can now get your business included for Free! on ‘Readi-Bay‘ as part of your membership subscription (which is already far too great a value it’s insane) adding even ‘more’ potential exposure for your business.

I’m going to keep this post short and simply ask you to firstly check out ‘Readi-Bay’ here – http://readi-bay.co.uk
There are links there that will take you to the ‘Readi-Bay Auto-Mart’ website as well as the FRED67.com membership subscription page (should you need it) which can also be found Here! – http://fred67.com/welcome

I hope you take advantage of all that’s being offered through the Membership and if you’re not already a Member – Why Not? – You can sign up there – And ‘Remember’ – Non-Business Members are now being accepted on the basis that the comprehensive Members Resources Area is just TOO valuable to keep to ourselves :-)

Catch you later – Pete Moring – FRED67.com








Increasing Member Benefits

I’ve taken steps to be able to include more valuable resources for our members to access for free once subscribed. These will be video/audio training courses, software and of course E-books.

It is relatively cost effective to purchase Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights to proven courses and products these days, so I’m sifting through some options and purchasing the rights so that these resources can be placed in a password protected area that only our members have access to.

These resources will become excellent value-for-money as a stand alone membership ‘without’ the added benefits of business promotion through the FRED67.com Homepage that most members will be signing up for. So – even if you have NO business of your own yet, becoming a member of The FRED67 B2B Referral Club will give you free access to the resources which could quite easily give you all the information and help to set up your own business ‘after’ you become a member.

To check out just ‘some’ of the resources and benefits of membership, just click through to the Example page which will give you a very good idea of what to expect as a confirmed subscriber. Remember, no need to have a business already to subscribe as that can come later, but the resources that are and will be available for you to use for the entirity of your membership  are well worth the cost of membership on their own.

See you there? …….  Pete     Click Here!

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The Pros & Cons of Business to Business Referral Clubs

People say to me – “How can an online Business to Business Referral Club be any better than the off-line clubs where we as business owners go along in person and personally introduce ourselves, our business, what we do, and why we are actually there at the meeting?”

My answer is straight forward because the concept is so easy to understand – The offline clubs meet, usually on a monthly basis and typically charge around £10- to £20- + (GBP) to attend each meeting, and for that you’ll sometimes get a breakfast or buffet to break the ice and get everyone talking to each other – (Networking). Afterwards, attendees will stand up, introduce themselves and their business and tout for leads or connections to the assembled audience – usually 20 – 30 at a time depending on the popularity of the particular B2B Referral Club.

The problem with this model is, that at best, you’re only ever going to get an absolute ‘maximum’ of whatever the number of attendees there are at that particular meeting who could convert to more business, and we know that a 100% conversion rate is unheard of, so let’s say that in a good month you might get three positive leads for your business, good, but not really value-for-money.

The problem is the fact that the meeting is a closed shop affair. Only the attendees will be privy to the details you’ve shared with them about your business. The rest of the world might just as well not exist and you might just as easily be attending a GA or AA meeting because they too operate in a similar vein.

Now the online Business to Business Referral Club is a very different ball game.

For a start, the whole world is now privy to your business details 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year, this is thanks to the Bio-page that is dedicated to ‘You’ and your business individually. It’s there to say as much as you like about yourself and your business on a web-page that ‘does’ get independently listed in all of the major search engines for your local business search terms.

When a member of the public or business community in your locality requires the service or product that you provide, and they go to the internet to find it, the chances are ‘good’ that they will see your Bio-Page staring back at them from the listings. You now have as much chance of being the business that searcher chooses as any other business they find there.

The main difference that goes in your favour though is that the page they land on will tell the searcher ‘exactly’ what they will find if they go with you, plus the benefits of choosing you above the others depending on what or how you write about you and your business. (Makes sense – right?)

You don’t have to go to any time consuming meetings either, you just sign up and write out your business biography, as apposed to standing up in a room and speaking to a roomful of people all staring at you. Within a day or maybe two your Bio-page will be live on the internet and searchable by every single person who has an internet connection – (That’s most of the world right now).

You will also get regular updates about new members joining, what they do, and how they can help you in your business and visa-versa in the form of the Newsletter. These updates will also include tips and tricks that you could very well use in your own business to build your customer base further. Plus other recent business news that has been gleaned from the internet in particular which could probably help in developing your business further.

All in all, the online business to business referral club is ‘the’ way forward for forward-thinking business owners and self-employed alike. To join the ‘Number One’ online club you should follow this link and follow the suggested steps and take ‘Your’ business to the next level.

I hope this has helped you see the stark difference between the ‘Off-line’ B2B referral Club and the ‘On-line’ model. I’m not knocking the original off-line clubs as they do have their place in the local business world and they provide an atmosphere that the on-line clubs will never be able to match. It’s great to be able to speak to potential clients and associates face-to-face and the social element is very good value-for-money. But if you do want more ‘Bang for your Bucks’ then the on-line B2B Referral Clubs are the way to go. (Can you believe how low the cost of membership is??)
Click Through Here! to find out Now!



‘Link Local’ Lord Sugars AmScreen – The next step.

I took a look at ‘LinkLocal‘ the other day. I have to say that I had already unwittingly seen them around locally without realising who was behind them, and as an advertising medium in areas where a lot of people stand or sit waiting to be seen or served, I have to say that it’s a ‘great’ platform.

If you’re anything like me, you hate queus or waiting rooms because you always find it embarrassing if there’s nowhere to fix your gaze. But with the ‘AmScreen‘ everybody seems to use it for exactly THAT purpose and so makes for one of the most innovative advertising mediums out there.

Local businesses go to the website, they fill in their business details, choose a relative template from the many available, select the location/s where they would like the ad to appear, pay the fee at the checkout and it’s done! Their ad is now being rotated infront of those very people who are using the AmScreen as the focus for their gaze.

Whoever came up with the idea for Lord Sugar must be revelling in glory right now in Sugar Towers :-)

If you find yourself standing or sitting infront of an AmScreen at your petrol station, doctors surgery, local shop, health centre, gym, rail-station, airport, bus terminal etc, etc, etc, then keep a look-out for the FRED67.com ad and let me know here! if you’ve seen it, and ‘where’ you saw it. The Prize? Would a good 20% discount on membership to ‘The FRED67 Business Community’ Be OK?

I look forward to hearing from you soon, so go check em out :-)

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Google Vs Yellow Pages – No Contest

There’s no way I’m going to knock Yellow Pages… BUT!
Although offline advertising will always have a market in the foreseeable future there’s no doubting the fact that internet browsing through search engines like Google is taking over our everyday lives, whether that be browsing via our mobile phones, our laptops or PC’s.

It seems it’s just too inconvenient to get out the Yellow Pages and try to find the category you’re ‘really’ looking for. Often it’s buried deep within a more general category these days making the search ‘very’ frustrating. I realise that with depleting advertising revenue that they need to use less space, but there’s nothing worse than keep reading “Try searching in xxxxx category to find what you’re looking for”.

This brings me on to the FRED67 Business Referrals category page.
If the searcher can’t see the category that they’re looking for … It simply isn’t there so there’s no need to keep digging in the hope that you’ll find it eventually.

Every category is listed in alphabetical order so that searching is so simple even if you’re looking for different interpretations of the category listings. This also removes the frustrations that are felt when searching the Yellow pages, where it’s a case of sticking a pin in and hoping for the best :-)

It also reduces the frustration of visitors to FRED67.com as they can see at a glance if a business they’re interested in is actually listed on the site. If not, they can move on quickly to search elsewhere. But if the business a visitor is searching for IS represented, then there’s a very high chance that they will stay and check out those members that ‘are’ listed.

I’m not suggesting that FRED67.com is out to compete with the big boys like Yell.com, Thompsons local, ‘Trust a Trade’ or the many other trade directory websites out there. All I’m saying here is …. that any business listed on FRED67.com has been vetted by Me personally, and the buck stops here!

I’m not a faceless corporation open to the whims of the next ‘marketplace’ agenda – I’m out to deliver Good, Honest referrals to people who are simply fed up with dud recommendations that cost them good, hard-earned money. I will work hard to promote FRED67.com and the Bio-pages both ‘off-line’ and ‘on-line’ so that the name FRED67.com becomes synonymus with Quality Business Referrals.

Go check out FRED67.com now! If you’re in business, be sure to request your membership invitation by clicking the ‘Limited Membership’ button on the homepage.

Catch you later …. Pete.

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