The Pros & Cons of Business to Business Referral Clubs

People say to me – “How can an online Business to Business Referral Club be any better than the off-line clubs where we as business owners go along in person and personally introduce ourselves, our business, what we do, and why we are actually there at the meeting?”

My answer is straight forward because the concept is so easy to understand – The offline clubs meet, usually on a monthly basis and typically charge around £10- to £20- + (GBP) to attend each meeting, and for that you’ll sometimes get a breakfast or buffet to break the ice and get everyone talking to each other – (Networking). Afterwards, attendees will stand up, introduce themselves and their business and tout for leads or connections to the assembled audience – usually 20 – 30 at a time depending on the popularity of the particular B2B Referral Club.

The problem with this model is, that at best, you’re only ever going to get an absolute ‘maximum’ of whatever the number of attendees there are at that particular meeting who could convert to more business, and we know that a 100% conversion rate is unheard of, so let’s say that in a good month you might get three positive leads for your business, good, but not really value-for-money.

The problem is the fact that the meeting is a closed shop affair. Only the attendees will be privy to the details you’ve shared with them about your business. The rest of the world might just as well not exist and you might just as easily be attending a GA or AA meeting because they too operate in a similar vein.

Now the online Business to Business Referral Club is a very different ball game.

For a start, the whole world is now privy to your business details 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year, this is thanks to the Bio-page that is dedicated to ‘You’ and your business individually. It’s there to say as much as you like about yourself and your business on a web-page that ‘does’ get independently listed in all of the major search engines for your local business search terms.

When a member of the public or business community in your locality requires the service or product that you provide, and they go to the internet to find it, the chances are ‘good’ that they will see your Bio-Page staring back at them from the listings. You now have as much chance of being the business that searcher chooses as any other business they find there.

The main difference that goes in your favour though is that the page they land on will tell the searcher ‘exactly’ what they will find if they go with you, plus the benefits of choosing you above the others depending on what or how you write about you and your business. (Makes sense – right?)

You don’t have to go to any time consuming meetings either, you just sign up and write out your business biography, as apposed to standing up in a room and speaking to a roomful of people all staring at you. Within a day or maybe two your Bio-page will be live on the internet and searchable by every single person who has an internet connection – (That’s most of the world right now).

You will also get regular updates about new members joining, what they do, and how they can help you in your business and visa-versa in the form of the Newsletter. These updates will also include tips and tricks that you could very well use in your own business to build your customer base further. Plus other recent business news that has been gleaned from the internet in particular which could probably help in developing your business further.

All in all, the online business to business referral club is ‘the’ way forward for forward-thinking business owners and self-employed alike. To join the ‘Number One’ online club you should follow this link and follow the suggested steps and take ‘Your’ business to the next level.

I hope this has helped you see the stark difference between the ‘Off-line’ B2B referral Club and the ‘On-line’ model. I’m not knocking the original off-line clubs as they do have their place in the local business world and they provide an atmosphere that the on-line clubs will never be able to match. It’s great to be able to speak to potential clients and associates face-to-face and the social element is very good value-for-money. But if you do want more ‘Bang for your Bucks’ then the on-line B2B Referral Clubs are the way to go. (Can you believe how low the cost of membership is??)
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