About The FRED67 Concept.


The FRED67 Website offers those members of the public who are searching for ‘Quality-Driven, and ethical’ products and services, a trustworthy resource where they will find exactly what they are looking for without wading through a forest of ‘Duds’.

It’s ‘unique’ in as far as each business that applies for subscription is reviewed personally, (not automated).
Although by it’s very nature, (listed in all major search engines) it will attract visitors from the world wide spectrum, the main focus will be to drive visitors from the Thames Valley and surrounding areas towards the site, making it extremely valuable to ‘local’ businesses, as well as those with a much wider, global reach.

If you believe being on the internet is;
* Too time consuming;
* Expensive;
* Complicated.
Consider this; … I will do all the work for you.

There are many categories that would only suit the ‘local’ business, which is why I feel you would find this website particularly appealing to you if you live within the Thames Valley region. Though if you were to apply for membership, you should apply now, as available listings are added in order of application, and by their very nature, are ‘limited’.

If you feel that your business ‘is’ a Quality-Driven, Ethical business, and you’d like to share in the anticipated success of ‘The FRED67 Business  Referrals’, please feel free to apply now.

There are no restrictions as to ‘who’ can or can’t reserve these exclusive spots. Just as long as your business meets the aforementioned criteria. A one-man-band is just as welcome as a business employing fifty or more employees.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that you not only get a link ‘back’ to your own website if you have one. You also get a hosted ‘Bio-Page’ where you can include as much information as you wish about your business so that potential clients/customers can feel that they ‘know you’ or your business before they even make that initial contact.

This is an essential part of building the necessary customer trust in your business on which you can build a lasting relationship.

The bio-page has no word limit like many referral clubs, and if you’re uncomfortable about writing the ‘copy’ yourself, simply submit all of the relevant points and details, I will then write the copy for you at no extra cost. This bio-page can then be used as an ‘advertising tool’ in any off-line business promotion in the future. ie; business cards, letterheads, classifieds, newspaper display ads, etc, etc.
You will receive the direct URL to your bio-page which will allow you to promote it wherever you like.

Please remember that this is an ‘exclusive’ subscription website, and if you are interested in ‘reserving’ your space, you should apply ASAP.
Please visit ‘The Local Business Booster‘ website as your membership is linked to the service offered there.

Many thanks for your time so far. I look forward to welcoming you onto FRED67.com very soon.  Check Us Out Here!

Pete Moring.



Thoughts for the day.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.
– Winston Churchill

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least
the equivalent of what he takes out”.
– Albert Einstein


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