The Magic Of Geometric Progression

Geometric Progression, Or Exponential Growth,

…. is something we’ve all heard about and agree that it’s a real BOON to any business, whether that’s a viral video, a book that has gone stratospheric in sales, a product that suddenly becomes the ‘must have’ for every child/teenager/adult, or more to the point, to see it applied to our ‘earning power’ in any or every field of business.

So what ‘is’ Geometric Progression, if you’ve ‘not’ heard about it before? Well it’s the almost natural growth of anything, but usually numbers, when external ‘energy’ is applied in some form or another. An example would be if you opened an eBay account to sell items for profit and you had little or no money to start with. But through the power of Geometric Progression you could make yourself rediculously Rich.

You would do this by finding a low value item that you could ‘double’ your financial return on after all costs were taken away and then doubling up after each sale. We’ll say you bought a pendant for £1- and you sold it for £4- then after your costs you were left with £2-  you would have doubled up your £1- on that one sale. Let’s say you could buy as many as you liked of that pendant so you now listed ‘two’ for sale and sold both, that’s a £2- outlay for a £4- return. You then re-invest that £4- for ‘four’ listings giving you an £8- return on investment and so on until you start seeing very meaningful returns on your investments in your very low cost items for sale.

I have a better way to describe it below, where you can see how, just by investing then re-investing One penny or One Pound/Dollar a day for one Month could return to you MORE than you could possibly imagine in your Wildest Dreams.

Or in the case of the ‘Track’n’Trace’ App you’ve been pressured to put on your phone, (2020) Any Government could put a WHOLE Population into Voluntary Lockdown just because ONE person showed Positive for the ‘KungFlu’ ….. Hmmmm??

What happens when you take One Penny,
Or One Dollar/One Pound then multiply it by ‘two’ every day for a month?

1×2 = 2
2×2 = 4
4×2 = 8
8×2 = 16
16×2 = 32
32×2 = 64
64×2 = 128
128×2 = 256
256×2 = 512
512×2 = 1,024
1,024×2 = 2,048
2,048×2 = 4,056
4,056×2 = 8,112
8,112×2 = 16,224
16,224×2 = 32,448
32,448×2 = 64,896
64,896×2 = 129,792
129,792×2 = 259,584
259,584×2 = 519,168
519,168×2 = 1,038,336
1,038,366×2 = 2,076,672
2,076,672×2 = 4,153,344
4,153,344×2 = 8,306,688
8,306,688×2 = 16,613,376
16,613,376×2 = 33,226,752
33,226,752×2 = 66,453,504
66,453,504×2 = 132,907,008
132,907,008×2 = 265,814,016
265,814,016×2 = 531,628,032
531,628,032×2 = 1,063,256,064
1,063,256,064×2 = 2,125,512,128 – ‘pennies’

It would be just as simple to start with One Pound/Dollar.
But of course, in real life you would have to ‘Focus‘ on re-investing those profits each time and not ‘dipping’ into them to satisfy any immediate cravings you might have.

There are a lot of programmes at present where, with a little ‘effort’ you can utilise the Power of Geometric Progression, one is on the homepage of this blog, or you can Click Through Here! to see what it entails.

Don’t think it looks too simple to work. There’s simply no need to complicate things. All of the Big-Money Entrepreneurs, Investors and Successful Business Folk ALL use the power of Geometric Progression, and the beauty of it ‘is’ that ANYONE can use it, from any walk of life. Any age, any sex, any education (or none) – it’s a level playing field, so get ON IT and Play đŸ™‚