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We find that a business that is fairly new in the market may have a hard time earning profits and getting as many clients as it needs in the beginning because their reputation may not be well known. This can also be said for more established businesses in times of recession.

The FRED67 website is based very tightly around the Business-to-Business Referral Club concept and as such’s mission is to help our subscribers businesses expand and grow by referring new customers, clients, and businesses to one another as well as the obvious customer/client path from all new visitors to the website drawn from the many online and offline promotional strategies..

The fact that the website naturally ‘draws’ people who are already searching Google, Bing and Yahoo etc for trusted business referrals is an added bonus.

Business referrals are like the Holy Grail of marketing. While advertising and public relations are helpful in promoting a business, there are now such things as business referral clubs that allow you to ‘save’ money and effort in making your business known not only to new customers/clients, but also to other businesses who will be willing to help you promote ‘your’ business.

To advertise your business to fellow business members in the community is a major first step in almost guaranteeing that your business not only survives, but it thrives. Many people invest considerable time in networking and yet do not seem to get the business referrals they seek. With the concept, members do not conflict with one another. Instead, they are purely engaged in mutual support through giving and receiving business referrals.

The benefits of membership are: – Grow your business; Exchange qualified business referrals; Meet new contacts, and understand mutual connections you may have; Developing cost effective word-of-mouth advertising; Motivation and support from knowing other members are behind you; Growing your profits. provides a structured system for the development and exchange of business referrals. Many relationships have been built as a result of Local Business Referral clubs, and local connections between representatives of businesses have been forged for the long haul in business life.

People that GIVE business referrals, GET business referrals.

In the UK many business referrals change hands daily, and The Thames Valley is no exception. There are many unofficial referral clubs that are very good, like Golfing clubs; Chambers of commerce; Gyms; Football clubs, etc, etc. But none of these include the general public in the ‘referral system’. Whereas is a community that opens up a whole new world of referral generation. Simply because most people value ‘quality’.

If your business is a ‘Quality-driven-business’ your customers will appreciate that and will come to you every time they need your product or service. If that customer now requires the product or service of a business in a different trade or profession, they will likely have to start a whole new search until they find the trade or profession they’re looking for. Unless, of course, they found you through In which case they will have automatically registered in their subconscious mind that stands for ‘quality-driven-business referrals’ and they are more than likely to find a reliable contact there.

Simply by providing a first class service yourself, you are enhancing the credibility of ‘all’ of the other businesses within the community without actually referring anyone personally. There is a ‘Karma’ inherent in the community that is infectious. By joining in as a ‘quality-driven-business’ you will receive your share of that karma and referrals will surely flow in your direction. Then when ‘you’ deliver a quality product or service, you will be contributing that sense of ‘trust’ back into the community and the karma continues.

Every working day of every week, people are exchanging ideas and giving and receiving business referrals. Everybody has their own individual ‘sphere of influence’. No two people will write down the same top twenty list of businesses they trust. This ‘truth’ works in your favour as a member of the community. If a good proportion of those people subconsciously equated with reliability and quality, your proportion of those referrals would grow accordingly.
But if you’re not ‘in it’ as they say, those referrals are not likely to be coming your way.

Once you are signed up as a member of you won’t need to do much else besides give the expected high quality of service that will be expected of you when the referrals ‘do’ come your way. Though you will obviously increase your popularity and your referrals rate if you ‘do’ actively promote through conversations etc the community.

The key thing here, is getting to the point where ‘business referrals’ are what primarily drives your business. This could save an awful lot of your present advertising budget, and propel your business and your profits beyond all expectations.

The first and foremost factor in generating business referrals, is offering outstanding service:
(under-promising and over-delivering).

Your most powerful business referrals will come from your current customers and clients for sure. But your business needs to continually grow. A business that stagnates – dies, and that’s a fact. Your membership to the community will underwrite that growth in the short, but especially the long term. business referrals are extremely powerful because when they come to you, they have already been pre-sold on your business and your products or services. These New Business Referrals cost little money to obtain, and maintaining a favourable relationship with these fine people means simply doing good work for them, or supplying a first class product, and letting them know that you appreciate their business (perhaps with a discount on your products or services, a small gift, or some other token of your appreciation).

To help ensure that your clients will want to share you with others (don’t laugh; some may want to keep you all to themselves), be sure to meaningfully thank them for any new business referrals they do make, and remember to impress on them that is the most likely source of ‘trusted’ trades and services within their area.

Referrals are the ‘rewards’ that come once you have created your network, made your connections and built your relationships. With you simply tap into a ready-made network of trusted relationships.

Membership is not unlimited. Speed is of the essence here if you are thinking about joining the Exclusive community.

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