Why You Should Have – A Magic-Penny-Jar


Do you have a Penny-Jar? ….. If So …. WHY?

I presume it’s because you know you have a few bob left over each week after living expenses and the ‘loose-change’ gets in the way a bit, so each day you drop it in the penny-jar rather than weigh down your pockets or purse knowing that after a while you can change it up to a more useful currency or you can put it towards a special treat, a holiday, the car repair fund etc, etc.

Having said that, wouldn’t it be great if at the end of each month you could put all your ‘shrapnel’ into another jar but this one automatically ‘doubles’ the value of your pennies?

Do you send E-mail? ….. Most of us still do. You almost ‘certainly’ get E-mail from every business you deal with as it’s their favourite method of ‘Follow-Up’ to tell you, or remind you about further offers/products you might be interested in.

You may, or may not realise that you can put a ‘signature’ at the bottom of ‘every’ E-mail you send out to friends, family and associates. Well what if your signature just read something simple like “How about joining me, filling up my Magic-Penny-Jar?” and then putting in a link to a ‘hosted’ webpage that automatically ‘credits you’ when they visit that page and take up the offer?

Then later down the road if they ‘subscribe’ to the programme, you get a Monthly commission for as long as they remain a member, would that be GOOD?

PLUS! ….. You only need to get ‘Three Paying Subscribers‘ to cover your OWN costs each month, and every other future subscriber is More Money in your ‘Magic-Penny-Jar’.

If this sounds like a GREAT!! Idea, then please click the link below and take the ‘FREE- 30 Day Trial’ yourself. This is the same or similar page that You will be promoting in your E-mail signature as well.


WHAT?? ….. It’s Far Too Simple? …. Quite Right, which is WHY you should jump all over This Opportunity – Right NOW!

Welcome to ‘The Magic-Penny-Jar’ …. Catch you later ….. Pete Moring.

Of Course, if you’re half-way convinced that this really ‘is’ So Simple you need to find out MORE right away, then please visit – This Page – to satisfy your appetite and to ‘grab’ your ‘Magic-Penny-Jar’ Right NOW!


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