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The Harvest Moon 2020
If you Are Fit and know it,
it does no harm to show it.
Vanity is 'The New Normal' since
Influencers took over Social Media.
Chess is much more than a
Board Game, it's a resource
to be used in the Fight between
the Good and Bad Forces..
God and Satan - as portrayed in
the book 'Visions Of The Future Past'
by Ven Bunce
In the 1960's we had Mini-Skirts
Op-Art and
Money££ ... Money Matters!

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'The Human Survival Blueprint' is indelibly embedded into our DNA.
It's something we ALL have to protect us from the Grim Reaper and it's
what makes it 'impossible' to commit Hari-Kari by stopping breathing
or trying to drown ourselves. (Not recommended by the way :-)
It's also the title of a short Free E-book by Ven Bunce which gives
another  interesting point of view.
Do You have the Best DNA Gene Pool?
Are you attracted to others, kind, helpful, honest, moral and ethical?
Then you probably DO! :-)


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Recalling Reflections Of Your Life while cogitating on the bank of a river, lake or
the country-side gardens is a popular pass-time, but if you can't make it there in
person you can gaze at it here :-)
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The Tulip Patch Clock
"Eat - Tweet - Share - Repeat"
Social Media Rules To Wear Or Share
"Eat - Live - Tweet - Repeat"
Social Media Rules To Wear Or Share
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