'How to Succeed at Failure'. (Guaranteed).

First;  Be sure to tell yourself constantly how hard-up you are, and also to tell
others who'll listen, exactly the same thing.
Be absolutely certain to speak in ‘negative’ terms at ALL times.
(Be the proverbial ‘Neggie-Norah/Nigel’.)

Second;  Tell yourself how unlucky you are. How no matter how hard you try, you
always get kicked back down. Concur with others who also suffer the ‘bad luck’
syndrome and get them on-side at all costs.
(Relatives are particularly useful for this task).

Third;  Always make sure you get all the ‘freebies’ you can. After all, life OWES
you a living doesn’t it? Never pay the going price for anything if you can get it for
nothing, even if it means someone else loses out because of your ‘thrift’.

Fourth;  Never EVER be fooled into ‘investing’ in yourself.  Never  BUY anything
that will make life better for you, or that will educate you, making you a better
person than you are now. You need to repel any ‘prosperity’ that will surely come
your way once you ‘invest’ in your own prosperity.
(Your family and friends are
almost ‘guaranteed’ to also offer FREE support in this area).

Fifth;   Always be sure that your best friends are ‘desolate’, have no ambition, or
any clue as to how to succeed at ‘anything’. The ones who also seek out the
easiest and cheapest routes to getting ‘absolutely nothing’ of real value. You
know, the ones who’ll always put down the slightest bit of ‘good intention’ you may
have ‘suffered’ in the past.

Sixth.  Never EXPECT to be successful at anything at all. Always EXPECT to
fail, and fail ‘dramatically’. Don’t just ‘intend’ to fail with a whimper. Intend to go
down BLAMING everyone and everything else, because it will NEVER be YOUR
After all, you are constantly programming YOUR mind, by using these tips to
‘Succeed At Failure’, and it is absolutely ‘GUARANTEED’ to work.
So There!

Seventh.   Get this FACT embedded in your brain for keeps!  
Have you got that?

Remember that, and your ‘success course in failure’ will be totally assured.
These ‘selfish’ people are taking ALL the money that you are ‘entitled to’ as your
birth-right. How dare they have more than you? Keep this attitude towards people
who HAVE money, and ARE successful so that you will NEVER have any yourself.

Eighth.  Always, and I mean ‘always’ take other peoples advice as ‘Gospel’.
Always do what your ‘Government’, ‘Church’, ‘The Media’ and all the others who
are obviously superior to you, tell you WHAT to do.
Be totally obedient to their orders, advice and their dictates.
Never ‘dare’ to think for yourself under ANY circumstances, or you may ‘just’ start
down that slippery slope to ‘Success’.

Ninth;  Don’t ever show ‘respect’ to any successful people like; ‘Bill Gates’,
‘Donald Trump’ or ‘Richard Branson’. They have after all, taken the bread from
your mouth, and that of all your ‘best friends’. Never ‘Aspire’ to their success, or
anybody else’s for that matter.
It will NEVER keep you a ‘FAILURE’ if you do that.

You MUST ‘Succeed To Fail’ at ALL costs.

I hope this short but concise course has helped ‘embed’ the ‘failure’ mentality in
you that you SO desire.

Remember now, it’s TOTALLY GUARANTEED to work for you.

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(Yes, I know, it's my site, I just couldn't help a bit of self-promotion here).

Good luck. Whichever course you take in life.        

PS. While I hope you accept this is all a bit  'tongue-in-cheek', many of us DO
have at least ONE of these 'mind-set habits'.
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