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Frequently Asked Questions.
This page will be mainly made up from Questions
That YOU, 'our visitors' ask Me.
If You Don't See Your Question Or Answer Here;
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I already have a business website, why would I need to be listed with '  as well?

Because FREE search-engine traffic is the BEST, cost-effective traffic you can receive. The better the quality of
'back-links' to your site are, the more importance major search engines will give to your site, listing it higher as a
consequence. (PLUS+++ Your business will be highly regarded by the 'other' members of the FRED67 B2B Referral Club).

Secondly, as with all businesses, 'branding rules'.
The  ''  logo will become synonymous with Commercial & Domestic   'Business/Trade Search'   much like the
'Walking Fingers' of another major player in the field. Except that with '', that search will be for;- 'exclusive,
quality, trusted referrals'. Not just a blanket list where you stick a pin in a name and 'hope'.

I don't have a website. I don't even have a clue how to get one. But I do have a 'Quality Driven Business' that I know would
be sought after by searchers at  ''.
How can help me?


You don't need any inter-net knowledge to take 'full advantage' of ''.
You just need to submit your business details using the on-line form found via the Membership Application  for this site.

We will then use that information to write a 'Bio-Page' for you & your business. It will be linked to the 'niche category' you
choose and will be viewed by visitors to that category.

When the page has been written and posted on-line, I will send you the website address, either by E-mail or by Post for you
to view. On your approval and payment, it will then go 'live online' ready to be delivering customers to your business from
that moment on.

Everything is done FOR you to have a web-presence without ANY of the hassle.


What if I wanted to change some of the details on my 'Bio-page' at a later date. Could this be done?


YES, But you will not have editing capabilities of your own. You would simply contact us with your 'Edit instructions', your
Category and Business Name, (or the bio-page URL) and the edit will be completed ASAP.
(Within 2 days of receipt of instruction normally).


Why can't I edit my own Bio-Page? And why can't our customers leave feed-back in the same manner as other 'Business
Search' websites and 'Comparison' websites?


Firstly, this is an Exclusive Membership site where 'Trust' is the Key-Word here. By not using the Web 2.0 applications like
other websites, we keep it personal, and above all, not open to the FRAUD experiences that the Web 2.0 sites suffer from
Comments and Feed-back are not allowed to be posted automatically because if you check out other websites that use
these facilities, the amount of negative abuse is astronomical. I am not interested in exposing members to these destructive
Please read -
'The Cowboy Customer Trap' - to get a better view of this growing phenomenon........
(Opens in a new browser window)

Customers are encouraged to use the  Blog  to leave Feed-Back - As every comment is monitored, only genuine
feed-back will be posted. Negative feed-back WILL be investigated fairly, and genuine cases WILL be published and the
offending member dealt with ASAP!! (There is a dedicated 'Feedback' page on the blog for this purpose)
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