The Father Figure Makes The Difference
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This report has been purchased as 'PLR' and as such written from the
perspective of the individual author who originally wrote it.
I am passing it forward as I realise these are 'popular' views and as such we
must not pander to the 'Politically Correct' agenda who would have our freedom
to express our personal views freely - opposed to - 'forcing' views/opinions
ON us via these 'Politically-Correct' advocates …..

Please enjoy or reject as you see fit. But DO NOT Complain about differing
views to your own as they will be ignored.

The human body is a wonderful thing. To create a new life, it takes a
contribution from both the male and female of the species. Without one, the other
is useless. An egg and sperm must meet in order for the egg to become fertilized
and begin the division necessary for a new life.........
'The Father Figure Makes The Difference' ....

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