Welcome to the Prompt page for 'FRED67/CheckFred Business Referrals'
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Answer as many of the questions below as you like. (the more the better).
Answer them as ‘fully’ as possible to allow me to write a comprehensive 'Bio/Profile Page'
for your business.

Your page will be written and published on the internet , and after your approval it will be listed
in the category of your choice making this deal particularly attractive to YOU, as you commit to
receiving this  'Exclusive' exposure to future visitors of the FRED67.com / CheckFred search facility.

(If you don't have a web-site, your 'Bio/Profile-Pages' will serve you admirably by bringing
you new customers/clients who are searching the internet for 'Quality' home products and services
as they  'do' get listed independently.

You can also use the Bio/Profile-page URLs in all of your future advertising by using any
URL shrinking service like

That’s ‘infinite’, targeted ‘web-traffic’, delivered indefinitely to your business from the
'Thames Valley Area' in particular, but also Nationally & Internationally if that’s your requirement.

For the equivalent space you could purchase in popular off-line or on-line directories,  which only
covers a limited, local area, you could be paying a whole lot more for the one full year.

I hope this helps you to see the ‘enormity’ of the 'Deal' you’re being offered here and will run
with it  ‘Immediately’.

Next;    Please complete the questionnaire in the 'prompt' form below. (copy&paste into your notepad)
Complete it as fully as you can, placing your cursor 'after each question' and writing in the details.
Remembering that those details will be published on your Bio-Page.

The questions are merely 'prompts'. You may include as 'much' or as 'little' as you like.
(Obviously the more you include the better). But the choice is yours. If you already have a
marketing script written and prepared you can simply copy & paste that into the E-mail.
*  Check Terms& Conditions Here.   *  Check Privacy Policy Here.   (Be Sure To Read)

Please copy & paste the prompts below into your 'NotePad' App or the E-mail you send
me and then answer the questions relevant to Your Business.

Don't forget to include the details  of at least TWO  other 'trusted' businesses
you can vouch for.

Thank you.

The E-mail Address To Send Details ......... admin@qualityhomeproductsandservices.com

Once you have been 'accepted' you will be sent details of 'how' to pay.

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The FRED67 / CheckFred Bio-Page Details ...... (Copy & Paste this section)

Please answer the prompts below that you would wish included in your Bio-Page
as fully as possible.

I am a business owner and my details are as follows.

* The name and address of the business(Including website address & E-mail if applicable).

* Name of business owner.

* Year The Business Started.

* Geographical area you would be happy to cover.

* Any history, or points of public/local interest.

* Reason business was conceived
(Research or accidental discovery of niche market).

* Do you or your employees need and have specific qualifications.
If so please quote them here.

* Is business a physical, walk in shop.

* Does it supply on pre-orders only.

* Is it a purely 'inter-net driven' business.

* Does it supply service on demand.

* Which industry/niche`. ie; Construction, retail, media, hotel, restaurant etc.

* How many employees.

* What is the product or service.

* What unique benefits are brought to the customer/client.

* What problem does it solve for the customer/client.

* Is the product/service guaranteed.

* Do you have a FREE 'on-line' or 'off-line' company newsletter?
If so please include sign-up details.

* Is there a 'waiting list' that potential customers should, or will join.

* The www. URL of your website or blog if you want it included on your Web-page:

Do you require inclusion on Readi-Bay? Or do you require inclusion on Readi-Bay Auto-Mart?

Please state your choice Here ...

* Please include all other information you feel is relevant below:

* Please include the Name of the person who recommended you,  (if applicable)

* Please include Contact details of 2 or more other 'Trusted' businesses you could honestly
vouch for. Including Name, E-mail address and Tel No.       

* Please include any further information about your business here -
Remembering that you can submit additional information at a later date.

I understand that the information I am submitting here will be used to set up a
web-page for me under the FRED67 Business Community  terms and conditions
which I have read and understood.