Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis 101
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           'Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis 101'

As the owner of an under-active thyroid gland myself, I can concur
that when it 'hits' you out of the blue (
I was 47 when it HIT Me in 1997)
You feel your life drifting away out of control.
No energy, no enthusiasm, a need to sleep halfway through doing
something for leisure, pleasure or necessity.

I'd started needing to sleep for just a few minutes while at work
and often half-way through a 'hit' of plastering (not recommended).
As a plasterer I needed my energy and enthusiasm but just couldn't
summon it up no matter how hard I tried.

I went to the Dr's, he referred me to a neurologist for all manner
of tests and scans, who then sent my results back to 'my Dr' who explained
in Dr-Waffle what it was (
I didn't know what he meant, but as he never
prescribed anything other than rest I assumed it was nothing to worry about
Until a year later when I developed a kidney infection, which moved on to
my liver and then to my lungs. I was in a very bad way, hallucinations at night,
night-sweats and literally feeling like I was dying.

I was put on really strong Anti-Biotics which helped a little. I had scans, blood tests,
and every kind of investigation going. The Hospital Dr's said they were now
looking for cancer, until one of them asked;
"You 'Are' taking your Levothyroxine tablets aren't you?"

I replied; "What are THEY?" ..... He said; "you've got an underactive
thyroid gland and you are supposed to be taking them daily".
With that said, he told me to get back to 'my Dr' and ask for a repeat
prescription to be set up immediately so that I couldn't fall victim to it again.

I got back to my Dr, told him the story, and he said "OH Yes - so I see"
No apologies for the fact I'd nearly died because of his incompetence,
just the prescriptions, six months worth at a time.

I've been remarkably healthy ever since and would NOT miss my morning
tablet for the world ...... Our HEALTH is FAR too important. It's Soooo
easy to take it for granted until it's almost taken from you.
It's really important that you are AWARE of just how easy it is to become a
victim of either an 'underactive' or 'overactive' thyroid gland, and it's
not choosey WHO it hits.

The problem is, it hits Out-Of-The-Blue and with no warning signs.
This is WHY I've purchased the Private Label Rights to the E-book
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In this guide, we will be discussing what HT is, how it occurs, who it affects,
and the signs and symptoms. We will also discuss the range of treatment options
available, as well as the best lifestyle choices to follow, so people with the disorder
can avoid a degradation in their quality of life.

Let’s get started by examining what the thyroid gland is, how it can malfunction,
and the effect of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis on the thyroid itself.

Wishing you a 'Healthy' future .... Pete Moring.

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